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Monday, December 9, 2013

When Kateheriya (Rajputs) became the Kathayat (180 years) old Document-Bombahadur Singh Kathayat

                  Important stages of this document

1. In Head line it is written that " Paheli pratham Faridnagar hoi Duryodhan Singh Kumaon asaya Dharma hi Gadbad bai asaya" So this doc says one clan of Katheriya Duryodhan singh move to Kumaon due to problem in religion .

2. After Bawani Singh (Katheriya  ) - 13 " Katheriya ka Kathayat bhaya" from katheriya this clan started write kathayat family Title.

3. In the reign of King Hari shahi of then Doti Kingdom , our ancestor  Bima Kathayat -71 went to East of Kali river  Then  Doti Kingdom ( currently in  Nepal ) and other parts of Present Nepal and worldwide, Those who  remain in Kumaon also spreaded  other parts of India and worldwide.

4. Me Mahesh Singh Kathayat is 9th decedent  of Ratan  Kathayat  from Ram /Ratan kathayat-77 .
5. This is my contribution to our clan ( Katheriya, kathayat, kathait, kathet) after the long ( 30 years) of my life. Please be proud of your history !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. And please add more information  if possible.

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