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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Historical relation of Nikumba, Rohilla, Sirnet and kateheriya Rajputs.

 Source: Rajput Chetriya  Bathika- Rajniteen Singh Rawat


Mano said...

Thank you Sir -
please see link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UKJ4k8_WpNM

History of Rohilla Rajputs

MSKathayat said...

I watched the content of YouTube , very interesting and I was same direction to discover the historical relation of katheriya and Rohilla Rajputs!

Kuldeep Rohilla said...

Thanks a lot for your appreciations. I could read some of the contents of the Rajpoot kshatriya Vatika. Sure you too have valuable information on rajpoots. We can surely combine the contents for the benefit of the generations at large.
Where can I get the Rajpoot kshatriya vatika? Pl guide.
Kuldeep Rohilla, Chief Engineer, ONGC, Dehradun

MSKathayat said...

Thanks Kuldeep jee! yes i was studying about katehriya rajpoots history about 30 years and collected many documnets, It gave knowledge from 1195 ad onward only now i have got lots of infomation around 7the century on ward and i have keplt in my blog www.mskathayat.bolgspot.com. the book Chetriya rajpoot batika you can find in Saranpur of UP.I close to find some great historical relation of Rohilla rajpoots and kateheriya rajpoots.

Dr Ashish Kumar said...

you have a deep knowledge of rajputs clan. as i belong to Rohilla community. I got interesting fact in this regards.

Dr. Ashish Kumar

MSKathayat said...

Thx! I have book in pipeline about the Rohilla Rajputs !

Ravinder Rohilla said...

Nice job
Rohilla mahesh singh kathayat ji

Rajveer singh said...

Sir pls send me your whtsw up mobile no.